How to embed 360-degree photos on your website or blog

Want to embed your 360 photos on your own website or blog? It’s easier than you think! Here’s how.

Lungshan Temple in Taipei, Taiwan. Click and drag the photo to look around. (Photo: Karen Chiang)

There’s a misconception that to view images from a 360 camera, you need to pop on a virtual reality headset. But actually, 360-degree images stand on their own. You can view them from your computer or mobile device, and there’s a simple way to embed them in your blog or website. What they offer isn’t just a novelty — it’s a window into a place and a moment in time, and allows people to look at what they want to see.

Here’s a simple way to add a unique perspective to your site or blog by embedding 360-degree images:

1. Sign up for a Momento360 account if you haven’t already
Momento360 is a free, easy, and private way to upload, view, and share your 360 photos and videos all in one place (all from your browser).

2. Upload your 360s from your computer or smartphone to Momento360
Sign in, click on the camera icon in the top right corner, and you’ll be automatically prompted to choose the photos you want to upload.

3. Select the 360 you want to embed, then click on the share icon. You’ll see this:

Click on “Share or Embed a Link,” then on “Create Link.” Select the link and copy it to your clipboard.

4. Now you’re ready to embed the link on your blog. Here’s how to do it so your visitors can see it in all its 360 glory from any browser.

Note: If you’re on one of the following services, see our detailed step-by-step guides here:

If you’re on a site or service not covered in one of the guides above, use the link generated in the above step as the URL in an iframe. Here’s some sample code you can cut and paste:

<iframe height="350px" width="100%" allowfullscreen="true" 
src="<<INSERT YOUR COPIED LINK HERE>>"> </iframe>
  • Replace the <<INSERT YOUR COPIED LINK HERE>> text with the link you copied from the previous step.
  • Change the width and height values to your liking; if you want your users to be able to go into VR mode or fullscreen, make sure you keep the allowfullscreen="true"

Click the “Run Pen” button below to view the result:

Click “Run Pen” to view the source code and resulting embed result. You can copy the code and substitute a different URL to get the embed to work.

This works not only with single-photo embeds, but also with Momento360 Collections as well, so you can embed an entire slideshow.

And not only that, the embeds can be viewed by your visitors using Google Cardboard as well as on other virtual reality hardware (via WebVR), with no additional work from you.

Here’s to capturing — and sharing—life in 360 degrees. If you get a chance, share with us how you’re using your 360 media! If you have a hosting service that you want us to produce a walkthrough guide for, email us:

Momento360 enables you to make the most of your 360 media. Upload, view, and share — privately or publicly — on the web and in VR.